Our House Rules

  1. Members acknowledge that they have read and understood the assumption of risk prior to using the fitness center and facilities.
  2. Members affirm that they are in good physical condition to exercise and those unaccustomed to exercising are recommended to seek the advice of a medical professional before engaging in physical activity.
  3. To enter the centre you need to present your member card, we also need to take your picture on your first visit for security reason and identifying purpose.
  4. Members who feel unwell while using our facilities, should stop the activity immediately and approach our staff for assistance.
  5. Lockers are provided to members and should not be use overnight, items left overnight will be removed without prior notice.
  6. Members should take care their belongings and valuables at all times, Eliment Fitlax are not responsible to any damage or lost of member’s belongings and valuables.
  7. Proper training attire should be worn at all times while in the fitness centre by members, coaches, or instructors.
  8. Proper training shoes should be worn, except in group class such as yoga and martial art class. No open-toed slippers or sandals, and no training with bare chest.
  9. No shoes please when using our soft-mat surfaces that include Private Stretch Area and martial arts training areas.
  10. For convenience to others, weights, dumbbells and equipment must be returned to their original places immediately after use. Do not leave weight plates on the bars or scattered on the floor at any time.
  11. Please keep equipment clean and hygienic – always use a towel and please wipe away excess sweat once you have finished.
  12. Do not drop or bang weights on floor. For safety, please do not work out too closely to mirrors. Individuals may be charged for the damage due to carelessness.
  13. Please ask our staff if you would like to have an Inbody assessment. In some cases we may have to schedule an appointment, but we will do our best to accommodate you any way we can. Please do not use this equipment without staff supervision.
  14. Eating or gum chewing is prohibited in the gym, except in designated chill area. Members are required to keep the chill area clean and tidy after use.
  15. Users are liable to pay a compensation fee of HKD$300 for damaged or lost locker key and HKD$100 for member card.
  16. No photo-taking, video or audio recording is allowed without prior approval from Eliment Fitlax.
  17. Private teaching / coaching is not allowed without prior approval from Eliment Fitlax.
  18. Only members aged 16 or above can be allowed to use the gym facilities. Members between the ages of 12 to 15 are only permitted to use the gym facilites if supervised by our professional instructor.
  19. Talking on mobile phone is not permitted in the training or class area. Also, personal music device may be used as long as they do not become unsafe for the user, or become a nuisance to other users.
  20. To maintain a safe environment, please report any faults or defects immediately to our receptionist or staff on-duty.
  21. Member shall at all times behave in a decorous manner within the facilities, and shall cooperate with the staff of the Eliment Fitlax to ensure that these Regulations and any subsidiary rules adhered to. The Director and his/her delegated appointee(s) shall have the authority (i) to request any user to leave the facilities, or to cancel their membership; or (ii) to suspend temporarily user privileges, for infringement of these Regulations or subsidiary rules and the Director has the authority to debar any users or persons from using the facilities and/or other user privileges either temporarily or indefinitely.

Eliment Fitlax reserves the right to update or modify the above terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.