Ignacio John Bryan M

Certified Personal Trainer- National Academic Sports Medicine (NASM)

Focus on Weight Loss, Youth and Group training, Pad Work and Sparring (Muay Thai), Mitt Work and Sparring (Boxing), Endurance Training (HIIT)

Inspired by his passion and drive for health and fitness during his sophomore years, John decided to get in shape and train to fight professionally as a lifestyle. He believes that his experience in Muay Thai and Boxing put him into a unique position to fully understand the difficulties of achieving mental and physical wellness through rigorous and proper training. This has driven him to become a personal trainer.

In addition to his fighting background, attaining the status as a Certified NASM Personal Trainer has provided him with accurate and extensive knowledge not only to help clients achieve their weight goals, but also get them to enjoy the benefits of getting into fighting shape.?

Ultimately, helping clients to push beyond limits, and getting them “fight-ready” are what fuels his passion.

Notable recognition/awards:

Hong Kong Boxing Association – 4 time Gold Medalist (Category: Grade A Amateur)

Trained with Rex Tso?(DEF HK),?Alain Ngalani (Impakt HK) and Romualdo “Dong” Mahinay (Aljoe Jaro Staple Gym PHP)