Fernando Junior

BJJ Black Belt and Capoeira Red Belt Master
Fernando Junior has been involved with Martial Arts and Fitness since 1988 and brings over 28 years experience. He started his journey in Martial Arts through his father “ Mestre Pop” a renowned Capoeira Master in his hometown of Florianopolis – Brazil.

BJJ Linage: Carlos Gracie – Helio Gracie – Rickson Gracie – Antonio “Tonicao” Colares – Pedro Fernandes – Fernando Junior

He has been teaching, competing and performing in New Zealand and overseas for the past 12 years.

Fernando is also the Head Master of Au Capoeira School International with branches in Brazil, New Zealand, Malaysia and Australia. Mestre Junior has significantly helped to promote the growth of Capoeira in New Zealand.


Main BJJ Titles:

Black Belt
2015 NZ Nationals Black Belt Open – Auckland NZ – Champion
2014 NZ Fitness Expo BJJ Team Tournament– Auckland NZ – Champion
2013 NZ Nationals Black Belt Open – Auckland NZ – Champion