Group Classes

Martial Arts Group Class

Our martial arts class is specially programmed to be of small group size to ensure all students are getting best techniques and result from our professional instructors. Eliment FitLax is your best choice no matter you want to get in great shape or acquire self-defence techniques from martial arts training.

Boxing / Muay Thai / Krav Maga / Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / Capoeira

Yoga Group Class

A wide selection of yoga classes fit for beginner to advanced students. Benefits of yoga include boosting your body and soul, cleaning your lymphatic and immune system, improving your blood circulation, correcting your posture and giving you a healthier lifestyle.

Aerial Yoga / Yoga Detox / Hatha Yoga / Yoga Stretch / Yoga Wheel

ICG – Coach by Colour

EF is equipped with the latest ICG – Coach by Colour cycling system, in which the class is led by our professional trainer and it’s connect technology amplifies the class energy by making it visible and the connected experience brings riders closer to their goals and each other.