GYM Concept


Weight and Functional Training Zone

Introducing a wide range of advanced equipment with professional trainers’ guidance could render members effective and efficient training on different parts of muscles to achieve ideal body shapes.


Calm and Relaxation Zone

Pursuing work-life balance by engaging in a relaxing environment with the presence of the oasis in the busy city.


Steaming & Bathing Zone

Enjoy a steam sauna and bathing leisurely under the natural atmosphere and get rid of tiredness with tailor-made aroma and shower gel.


Martial Arts Zone

Offering a variety of Martial Arts training for either self-defense or body shaping, including boxing and Muay Thai. Exploring personal potential by power and techniques.


Nutrition Zone

Our registered nutritionist provides professional advice for members according to their genuine needs and Inbody assessment report to effectively achieve their fitness goals and improve their health entirely via a healthy diet, just like the healthy growth of vegetation via absorbing nutrients from soil.


Balance – Yoga Zone

Yoga emphasizes the coordination and stretching of different body parts, with a view to body relaxation, better blood and lymph circulation, enhanced immunity system, and a healthier lifestyle. We provide a wide selection of yoga classes, including Aerial Yoga, Yoga Detox, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Stretch and Yoga Wheel.