Allan BAUI

Allan is an experienced fitness professional versed in several teaching modalities including Les Mills Group Exercise Programs (Bodycombat, Bodypump and RPM), Freestyle Group Classes, HIIT, Tabata training, Body Stretch, Abs/Toning/Cardio-Exercises, Fat/Muscle reduction/building and Atlethic Conditioning.

With more than 10 years fitness related experiences in various countries (Dubai, Manila, Singapore and HK), Allan has taken serious and professional personal development trainings so to be a more effective role model to his clients, friends and family. In fact, he has gained recognition and status as an ELITE Bodypump Instructor, ELITE Bodycombat Instructor and Advanced RPM Instructor.

He has worked and helped numbers of instructors to becoming better and effective in their own respective career. He is passionate on his teaching methods and finds happiness on results and goals achieved by clients and his colleagues.

He is adept at building class participation through social media channels, face-to-face interactions and overall member experience. He is a strong driver of programming for all fitness levels.


Les Mills Bodycombat – Certified
Les Mills Bodypump – Certified
Les Mills RPM – Certified – Advanced
Advanced Instructor Module 1 & 2 – Les Mills Elite
ACE Australia – Member and Certified
HIIT/Tabata/Functional Training – Trained and Certified
HK First Aid and Basic Life Support Training – Certified and Valid until 2019

Training Philosophy:

“If you have the ability and power to do certain things, DO IT NOW and ALWAYS GIVE YOUR BEST!”